About Us

SNS Biosystems, Inc.™

SNS Biosystems™, primarily a sterilizer monitoring company, has been in the business of manufacturing SNS Biosensor™, the sterilizer biomonitor, for over 30 years. We are the only facility registered with the FDA and California FDA, and are qualified to manufacture, sell, and service SNS Biosensor™, and validate sterilization processes. Our product can be used for all kinds of sterilizers; chemical, dry heat, ethylene oxide, and steam. We have a group of professionals including a microbiologist and dentist on board to provide the right solutions for our customers. We can customize our product, and package the right service deal for your office depending on your specifications. We are constantly communicating with our customers and doing our best to satisfy all their needs.

This company was started with the patients’ and doctors’ safety in mind. Our goal is to validate the sterilization process which, in turn protects patients in doctors’ and dentists’ offices, as well as customers in tattoo and beauty parlors, etc.

With customer satisfaction being our priority, we would like to have a long and sustained relationship with all of our clients.

We soon plan to be available 24/7 so that we can provide excellent customer service around the clock.